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Я тут при попытке бар-кодинга нечаянно выяснила, что единственный штамм Pleurotus cornucopiae из нашей коллекции кластеризуется с бластовскими как-то не так... Построив деревья, я выяснила, что он кластеризуется с неким Pleurotus euosmus, о котором я доселе не слышала. Пошла гуглить... И тут такой перл!

Terry M: Anybody grow Pleurotus euosmus?
#16086372 - 04/14/12 01:58 AM (6 months, 14 days ago)

If so, where the hell did you get your culture? :grin:

This mushroom grows only in England and Scotland. It's hard to find from any source. I bought a slant of it from a European culture library, but ...

The original culture was collected in 1929! It's MUCL 31180 = CBS 307.29. I've had this old fogy growing on agar for a month, and the poor guy has only grown by 1 cm. Stamets recommends it be grown on one of the yeast agars, even though his agar photos are labeled MEA, which is what I'm using. I'll make up a batch of MYPA and give this old timer a shot. Modern cryogenic storage would put this guy in stasis, but they didn't have this available in 1929. Jesus, his DNA has been bombarded with cosmic rays for probably 3/4 of a century!

И теперь WTF этот машрум делает в культивируемых коллекциях российских производителей? Ох уж эти чудо-грибы! :lol:

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Люблю твои посты про работу!!


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